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What is a forensic accountant?

  • A trained individual whose work it is to inspect, keep or adjust accounts
  • Specializing in the application of scientific knowledge to legal matters

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Why Use a Forensic Accountant?

  • Can quickly digest the facts of a complicated financial case
  • Knows the key accounting documents that should be available
  • Ensure the timely production of the available documents
  • Professional, independent, and efficient review, analysis and opinions

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Why Hire a Forensic Accountant?

  • Can quickly digest the facts of the dispute
  • Can conduct interviews relating to the facts of the dispute
  • Can interview the claimant relating to his/her personal/business finances
  • Knows the key financial documents that should be available
  • Can provide guidance and questions for recorded interviews and/or testimony
  • Create an atmosphere of competency regarding personal/business finances.
  • Professional, Independent, Efficient Review, Analysis and Opinions
  • Show Good Faith

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When can Forensic Accountants Be Useful in Assisting in the Evaluation of personal Property disputes?

  • Where there is a question regarding the ability to purchase items in question.
  • Where there is an inventory theft.
  • When there may be a financial motive relating to a set fire at a location.
  • Where there are questions regarding the financial health of an individual or business.

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 Why Hire Hutton, Kruse & Fink to perform Analysis?

  • Experience
  • Timely
  • Efficient
  • Professional
  • Independent

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